29 09, 2015

Sweetening a sour experience … Macca’s responds in fine fashion

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Two weeks ago today I posted a blog that was critical of McDonalds. Specifically, I voiced my frustration that drive- thru staff up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia consistently forget to include the sweet & sour sauce in my order. I think most who read the piece would agree it was kindly critical rather than a ‘hell hath no fury as a sauce deprived lunatic’ vitriolic spray. Anyway, a week later I received a courier delivery from McDonalds [...]

15 09, 2015

When six cooks cook, no one eats … why I dumped McDonalds

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The Polish have great phrases and idioms. They add a touch of humour to their sayings that make them richer than the English equivalent. The ‘six cooks’ saying is open to interpretation but I take it to mean that you can be so busy being busy that mistakes are inevitable. That’s McDonalds, version 2015. I eat on the run a lot. I drive between the Hunter and various parts of Sydney at least once a week, travel intrastate and interstate [...]