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Brand Strategy

We’ve assisted a diverse range of businesses across a large number of different industries to develop an identity (or recalibrate an existing one) that resonates with all stakeholders – staff, customers, suppliers and shareholders.

Our clients are in various stages of growth – from start-ups to third generation and not-for-profits – and all have their own unique challenges. We guide you through the process of developing your brand ‘DNA’ and then planning and executing a sales and marketing strategy that works. This includes:

  • Aligning your Vision, Mission and Values with your marketing & communications objectives
  • Understanding your market (including market research if required)
  • Creating a competitor review
  • Finding a way to differentiate your service or product
  • Creating your business profile including logo and brand development
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Planning, executing and managing your ‘day to day’ marketing activities
  • Right down to coordinating and attending a regular WIP meeting & reporting

An example of our work:

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