6 12, 2017

Hey IKEA, use this for coaching, verification & training purposes

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Business is good and I’ve just moved into new premises (thanks, they’re great, you should come and visit when you are next in the Hunter) which meant sourcing a fair whack of new furniture. IKEA seemed a good option. It’s practical and affordable and I’ve always liked the Scandi look so one Sunday in late October my wife and I traversed the IKEA Rhodes store in Sydney for over five hours building a list. The instore experience was adequate. Staff were [...]

2 05, 2017

Clever consolidation or brand masturbation? Austereo fails with Triple M re-badge.

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I was raised in Griffith where, before you ask, marijuana doesn’t grow on the side of the road and the only organised crime I ever saw was the year the North Sydney Bears came to town for a pre-season game and got rolled by a Group 20 invitational team. Built from the ground up in 1916, Griffith is a pup compared to most country towns and the guaranteed supply of water courtesy of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Scheme has essentially made [...]

8 04, 2017

Outsourcing gone wild – how a Chugger chat got me thinking about corporate reputation

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A few weeks before Christmas I was approached by a ‘chugger’ (charity mugger) out the front of my local IGA supermarket. I wish I could lay claim to that term but it’s been widely used for several years now. He was a friendly young bloke determined to sell me a booklet of vouchers for which “all proceeds would benefit the Alannah & Madeline Foundation”. It’s a charity that I know a little bit about and I was in a festive [...]

13 09, 2016

Hey Banker, your UI is bumming my UX!

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Earlier this year my wife and I moved our banking to the NAB and I was exposed to a new network of ATM’s. The first time I withdrew cash from a NAB branded ATM, the machine (which looked like it came out with James Cook on the Endeavour) asked me if I’d like to nominate this as my ‘favourite transaction’. I was hesitant yet intrigued enough to press ‘Yes’ and now every time I use the ATM it prompts me [...]

19 11, 2015

Under promise, under deliver – the perfectly pathetic loyalty program

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Here’s a joke my 12 year old son told me yesterday. Q. What do you get when Woolworths burns down? A. Hot coals! I’m not sure he completely understands the subtext of the punch line but it’s very clever. And sadly there’s an element of truth to it. It’s fair to say I’m a Woolies person. Further, I’ve been a ‘Woolworths Rewards’ loyalty card devotee since day dot. My desire to accumulate points is not obsessive however, I’ve been known [...]

29 09, 2015

Sweetening a sour experience … Macca’s responds in fine fashion

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Two weeks ago today I posted a blog that was critical of McDonalds. Specifically, I voiced my frustration that drive- thru staff up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia consistently forget to include the sweet & sour sauce in my order. I think most who read the piece would agree it was kindly critical rather than a ‘hell hath no fury as a sauce deprived lunatic’ vitriolic spray. Anyway, a week later I received a courier delivery from McDonalds [...]

15 09, 2015

When six cooks cook, no one eats … why I dumped McDonalds

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The Polish have great phrases and idioms. They add a touch of humour to their sayings that make them richer than the English equivalent. The ‘six cooks’ saying is open to interpretation but I take it to mean that you can be so busy being busy that mistakes are inevitable. That’s McDonalds, version 2015. I eat on the run a lot. I drive between the Hunter and various parts of Sydney at least once a week, travel intrastate and interstate [...]